Professional 3D Tours Services

SUMMER SPECIAL: PRO3D Tour of your space for $300 - up to 6000 Square Feet.

Captivate your customers by giving them a way to tour a home, business, historic site or any space online ... securely and from the comfort of their own surroundings. 

  • Realtors and builders post a home tour to your website and Facebook page, or send a home tour to a potential client - either before a visit or to remind them of the beautiful space they've already seen.
  • Senior Living Centers, nursing homes, and adult care facilities can be viewed by loved ones, virtually, on the phone with family members in other states, to decide a potential place for their elderly parents or person of need.
  • Special Event Facilities and grounds can be viewed online by those planning their special day.
  • Historic site tours give viewers a real-world experience far from their home.
  • Sacred spaces become online worship spaces where someone can visit and sit a while.
  • Insurance and financial services industries clients can capture a detailed record of their home, property and belongings to have in case of loss or theft. Links are securely stored online and becomes part of the insurance file.

So Real, They're Already There.

the Advantages of Matterport 3D photography *

The Matterport immersive 3D camera allows Professional 3D Tours to create virtual spaces that can be accessed online 24/7, so that even at 2:00 in the morning someone can view your home, business, historic site or sacred space - walking through and looking around in 360° views. The advantage over still photography is immediately understood as the flow and how a space is spatially laid out becomes clear in the ability to 'walk' through and be fully immersed in the experience.


* All trademarks, service marks, logos and trade names, whether registered or unregistered, are proprietary to companies where indicated. Matterport is a registered trademark of Matterport, Inc.


Pricing and additional details

Existing, new, rental or under construction, or needed for insurance purposes, real estate 3D tours are based on the square footage of the property. Tours include up to ten outdoor 360° scans, up to 25 tags, and a year of cloud storage. (2D floor plans, including measurements, are available for an extra fee and can be placed below the 3D tour on your site.)

Tours are based on the total size and amount of outdoor space and include up

There are many types of sacred spaces: places of worship, retreat centers, monasteries and convents, and holy sites. These are treated with respect and understanding of the place they hold in a community and to those who visit them. 

Full tours include up to ten outdoor 360° scans, 25 info tags, and a year of cloud storage. 2D floor plans available for an extra fee.

  • Tours: Please call to discuss special event or large project pricing, which is based on day or length of time spent and number of scans.
  • 360° Scans only: 10 indoor / outdoor $200 
  • Additional tagging: $20 per additional 25
  • Additional cloud storage (after first year): $50
  • 2D floor plan renderings: $60+, depending on size (with or without measurements) Note: mention you want measurements at the time of scanning.
  • Still Photography: Available, please inquire

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